OH MY STARS…Ode to the Lovers!

(Bad Editing Warning)!

Photo taken from Steven Universe

It is Weird…

I m single. I am handling it well. (P.S. still good friends with my ex……..one of them.)

The pressure from everything in the universe that gets involve in your personal relationships from that noisy neighbor to the sorta friend who give advice (never takes their own advice BTW). The pressure to always aim for serious or to keep it fresh even when it has been run over and dead for ages. The exciting feel forced into cracks of a leftover reality til it is churned and squeezed dry. For the human experience in these said relationship fall into comfort or the never ending spree of judging one another with a slight sprinkle of toleration of each other flaws because we enjoy them.

To me, human flaws are amazing. They make us beautiful.

My year of unstucking (not a word) myself includes my obsession of a certain show that has ruin my life and saved it at the same time. STEVEN UNIVERSE.

My favorite crystal gems: Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and STEVENNN!

Even since Estelle fabulous voice range , lion, love, and Pearl’s salt, I was sold. Rebecca Sugar is truly devilishly Brilliant.

How cool has Jasper been? But no spoilers! Go forth and experience the show for all its worth.

At last I find myself being able to relate to this show because of the content that other adult shows refuse to talk about. It does me wonders that I could enjoy such a show.

I am broken down into each trope of a crystal gem. From Pearl salty uptight personally of caring so much to feeling like Amethyst inside when things get tough I feel self doubt with a pinch of messy habits. When that happens I remember Garnet’s inter fire. (I do like to think my humor is that of the great and lovable Peridot!)

This show has shown mean that it is so important on your feeling and loving yourself. No one should pressure you into anything or make you feel undesired. Only you can make yourself feel! Everyone has such a unique experience on Earth (Thank you, Rose Quartz) that it makes me feel nostalgic on how I use to think.

So for all the Kevin’s in life, Bite me! Life is beyond precious!

So this was a quick little jot down and remember I will edited later! I had a very fast break a work and typed like the wind.

Thank you ,Rebecca Sugar for such a show.

For all the lions and Steven Believers,

“Sleep tight,and good night young lovers”.


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