The year of 23

If we can all be proofed like a bread starter.

It started with Mary…

An elderly woman who took time out of her life to describe her car accident to the over friendly barista for ten minutes. I was sitting in the corning of the shop starting to type this story while being a fly on the wall.

Do I think this will be read by people who may have less than a second in their life to spare to this sad sack of a blog? NO. Do I think my writing skills are fresh and up to date? NO. Do I care? Yes.

I just want right now for my thoughts to get organize and to let it go. #frozen-reference.

Who am I?

I am a business owner. I am a woman. I am someone’s ex. I am a human. I am a chef. I am a bartender. I am a barista. I am a server/manager/amateur Sommelier (on the road of becoming one). I am a wino. I love beer. The love of my life is food.

The food service is my one happiness in life that is always changing and will never judge me for wanting to eat it like a slob. It is a beautiful life experience with each bite. Every bite sustains a purpose from keeping us alive or providing us energy.

I live in Charlotte right now. It was restaurant week. To the servers and industry people around the city , it may also be known as hell on Earth where noobs or people who have never eaten out before in their life come out of the sewers to make our life worst.


I don’t want to talk life that anymore……….

I have a friend who is a writer. He has told me to stop talking about death all the time and talking about the morbid side to life, so here I am.

During the last day of restaurant week, I went to a old restaurant I use to work at..Heirloom. It is a hyper local restaurant with an open, everybody learns in the kitchen concept. This is where I truly fell in love with food and this industry. I was there last night and 7 pm with an old classmate of mine. I started to remember past events. These past events were key parts of my life that help me come to reason why I do things.

Last night I realize I am truly bless in life, for all the worst things that had happened I can pry happy lessons away from them. So with this blog, I want a ongoing open journal that documents my year of becoming unstuck.

(Remember my syntax, diction, and grammar corrections are a little dusty!)

So back to Mary. This little frail old lady, I accidentally bump into in line while waiting for my nectar of life (coffee) turned around to apologize. What shocked me was she didn’t blame, she said she was blind and was very pleasant. I told her “no,no it was my fault, I wasn’t use to my eyes yet.” (I was trying mono vision for the first time, one contact in dominant eye.) We had a very innocent and good willed conversation about being blind. It was nice. That a simple human bond happened in less than a second. After I got my coffee, I went to my table. Mary continue to talk and meet new people.

Mary was a genuine person. No games and no gains for her to be nice to me. It was a pleasure to meet her.

So here we go, barely 23 for 2 months, I am getting unstuck.

Love Katie