Custom Social Media App development case study -Doctors4Doctor

2 min readJan 16, 2024


About the Platform

Doctors4Doctors is a specialized social media app designed exclusively for the medical community, with the goal of connecting and facilitating communication among healthcare professionals.

Project Goals

The team at Doctors4Doctors was driven to develop a custom solution for their medical community, aiming to create a comprehensive social media app tailored to the unique needs and interests of doctors.


Our approach for Doctors4Doctor was centered around a headless architecture, employing Directus as the core backend. We developed the application on Flutter, and established a control panel using Next.js.

Our Solution:

Front-end Development (Control Panel): We selected Next.js for the control panel’s front-end, prioritizing outstanding performance and scalability. This ensures an efficient management experience for Doctors4Doctor administrative team.

App Frontend: The customer-facing app was crafted using Flutter, integrating Firebase for backend operations and Razorpay for streamlined payment processing.

Backend Infrastructure: We implemented a node.js-based, open-source, headless backend with Directus. This multi-tenant system was designed to boost efficiency and adaptability, catering to diverse operational needs.

Hosting Services: Doctors4Doctor platform is hosted on Digital Ocean, ensuring dependable uptime, strong security measures, and scalable capacity to support business growth.

Project Timeline

The development of Doctors4Doctors is ongoing, and our team is dedicated to fine-tuning the app to meet the specific needs and preferences of the doctors’ community. We are committed to delivering a custom social media solution that fosters collaboration and networking among healthcare professionals.

Platform demo

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