Simple Ways to Maximize Your VoIP Use

A VoIP service is offering employees and business owners two benefits; more mobility and revenue profits. A recent report by Transparency Market Research shows that by 2020, the international market for VoIP will increase to $136.76 billion. A shift from landline to mobile phones will continue and the more you embrace this change, the better it will be for your overall business operations.

The forward thinking companies that are growing their customer base is taking advantage of wireless connectivity, cloud-based services and mobility every day. Whether you are searching for a new Tampa business phone system or you’re ready to make the switch, there are 5 things to look out for.

Advanced Communications L.L.C. shares a list of VoIP strategies to embrace:

1. How can your business save money?

Glide on the cloud hosted VoIP with low upfront costs such as setting up the service. Whether your business is small to medium sized, take the time to review your VoIP options to find out if a reliable on-site infrastructure is what you need.

2. Diversify Your VoIP Options

The Transparency Market Research report stated that telecommunication providers are moving towards wireless VoIP service from a fixed-line (IP-PBX) to IP-based phone. Web conferencing, group video calling and the ability to connect smartphones and tablets to a main VoIP network are a few of the reasons why companies are using VoIP. Take a look at Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) for the use of video communication and real-time audio.

3. Get Ready to Bring Your Own Device

Ask your VoIP provider about BYOD policies (Bring Your Own Device) that will combine your employee’s devices with your Tampa business phone system. These devices can include a tablet app, smart phone or an auto caller ID assigned specifically for work/business. The report sheds light on how BYOD is becoming a popular trend because of its mobile and smart device friendly components. In 2020, the report forecasts that there will be an increase of 16.6% in phone-to-phone VoIP.

4. Work Life Balance

Companies can now save money on office space, furniture and supplies. Employees can work telecommute in the comfort of their own home with real-time capabilities such as call forwarding to work phone lines and use a designated mobile devices with a 3G or 4G network. Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) or Code Multiple.

5. Test Your VoIP Phone Quality

Set yourself up with a reliable hardware for a better quality call, speech to text recording and easy to use features. Once you test VoIP services using more than one internet bandwidth for echoes and the quality of audio, you’re ready to go.

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