I started the journey on 14th August 2017..

Wait, that’s around 10 months back! Well, here’s what happened from the first day I started this challenge…

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Round 1 took really, really long… // Source

The 1st Chapter

14th August 2017 was the first day of my 12-weeks Full-Time Web Development bootcamp at AlphaCamp. I had already known about #100daysofcode, so what better way to start than to document my new programming days along with my progress and learning points?

Then a major dance concert and my end of year holiday travels came along, and washed away any remaining habit of coding consistently. …

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In a blink of an eye, it’s June! // Source

Time has never passed so far for me, it’s like yesterday was the start of the year and I had just set my goals.

Thinking back, I may have been kinda unproductive as it doesn’t feel like there were any significant milestones so far. Well, let’s go through my ‘DONE’ list for the past 6 months.

Productivity App

When we ushered in the new year, I chanced upon this new app that was suggested by an online article on productivity — the app was able to help you keep track of to-dos based on a schedule, show your streaks, set reminders etc.

What pushed your brain to complete your tasks was the ‘short hit of dopamine’ you’ll get when you swipe right on the task — marking it as complete. …

A book that got me started on my dreams.

So, I’ve just finished reading this book called ‘The Power of 100’! The cover looks like this:

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Pretty inspirational cover // Source

And why is it so special? Because the book is not about getting a 100 marks on your test, or earning another 100 dollars, but rather achieving all that and even more through the power of planning a 100 goals.


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Everyone’s natural reaction // Source

That sounds like A LOT!

Yes it actually is… But, considering the number of days we have in our lifetimes, it actually isn’t. I mean, wouldn’t you want to have a list of awesome impossible 100 things that you’ve accomplished in your life when you’re old? I think it’s something to really look forward to (not just thinking about it, but also achieving it). What better way to get it started than listing it down? …

I’ve been wanting to write, but didn’t do so since I didn’t feel compelled to write about anything. However, I’ve been checking myself (my progress so far, my goals this year etc.) and there’s something I’ve learned about myself. Hopefully whatever I share here will help anyone out there who’s also on a quest for knowledge and self-improvement.

It’s not about how much, it’s how.

Thinking about how I spent my time every time I’m on my laptop, I seem to dedicate a significant amount of time to opening new tabs on Medium, tech-related articles, or YouTube videos on self-improvement.

Sometimes, I check the time and force myself to postpone the reading, so that I can get some coding done. This turns into an endless reading list on Instapaper and video playlist in my Downloads folder…

So, I had chanced upon this free JavaScript30 course from Wesbos back last year, and was waiting for a good timeframe (that I could commit) to start the course.

The course provides you with a video guide, starter and complete files for each project, and covers a good variety of sub-topics within the Javascript language.

Upon the first few days of starting my #100daysofcode this year, I decided to stop worrying about how much time I could code everyday and actually do it. After all, I was planning on a JS-React-React Native track. …

Finally, I’m living the life I should have been living for most of last year.

And I’m not talking about eating good food, having short overseas thrills or entertainment of that sort.

I’m talking about committing my time to the 2 primary things that took up my first 1/12 of 2018 — teaching dance and coding practice.
Okay, to some of you, this may sound exhausting and unfitting to the heading above. So let me explain:

I practiced a skill almost everyday a month, and it became a habit!

Remember the challenge I mentioned, #100daysofcode? The one that I attempted and kinda lost momentum when my dance concert and holidays happened? I’m almost 1/3 there (day 30 today!) …

It’s been 2 weeks! Christmas and New Year celebrations still feels like it was yesterday, but a lot has changed in these 14 days. Well, it’s mostly positive, at least!

#100daysofcode & #javascript30

So I started on round 1 of #100daysofcode! Yes, a new round 1! After checking through my logs and also considering my lack of activity on the last week of 2017 (obviously happy celebrating), I decided to restart the challenge and not cheat myself. The aim now is to be as consistent (little to no gaps) and effective (more coding, less reading & following tutorials).

What helped me start off and sustain it last year was the Web Development boot camp. I would note down what I learned everyday, and that pretty much summed up the first 2/3 of my 100 days. …

You can read Part 1 here!

Alright, now to continue sharing about my 3 last milestones for the year:


  • Sending EV Schools for Singapore Youth Festival
  • Trip to Taiwan
  • Singapore Dance Delight 2017 — Farcross house competition piece
  • House dance sharing
  • Alphacamp Web Development Bootcamp
  • Danzation 2017
  • Trip to Tokyo, Japan

Alpha Camp Web Development Boot Camp
I’ve been talking about my web development boot camp progress since the start of my Medium account. …

Back from Japan! Totally amazing experience that I can’t put into words.. My first time there and I practically got mind-blown, even when I missed out a number of things in the itinerary.

Following what everybody does, I’m gonna take some time to reflect on my milestones this year, focusing more on my learning points/thoughts throughout these events and also to cover what I did during the trips :D


  • Sending EV Schools for Singapore Youth Festival
  • Trip to Taiwan
  • Singapore Dance Delight 2017 — Farcross house competition piece
  • House dance sharing
  • Alphacamp Web Development Bootcamp
  • Danzation 2017
  • Trip to Tokyo…

When I first came in to Alpha Camp, it was 14th August 2017. So many questions ran through my mind.

How skilled would I be when I complete this bootcamp?

Will what we learn be relevant to what I wish to do?

How are my instructor and classmates? Will the lesson be informative, and could

I work with them on group projects?

Fast-forward to 15th November 2017, Demo Day. It’s the day we showcase our capstone projects and it’s kind of our official ‘graduation’. I’ll definitely miss this bunch so much. …


Kelvin Chow

+65 // Dancer // Aspiring Web Developer

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