Who is next and What next?

I think the headline of my article itself is enough to describe the entire narrative which I intend to outline here. The diabolic acts by a brutal group of terrorists, has wreaked havoc around the world and has been transferring shock waves to each and every human spine. The whole world has been at the receiving end and thus this question arises: Who is next and what can we expect?
In fact, there is a sense of fear and unrest at the back of every persons neck, whether he would be alive or not the next day. Would my family or a friend who lives away from me (anywhere in the world as no place is safe) talk to me on the phone the next day. 
Indeed we cant blame a single person, a religion or a group for this menacing reality. The insights are quite deep and need to be understood and dealt with rationally. Just condemning these ghoulish acts, without standing up against it, without doing something about it, instigating a fight against it; it is not going to see the sunset. Identifying the problem and accepting that it is the problem, that is what is required. Why does the killing of writers, bloggers, journalists, liberals, soldiers, policemen go unnoticed and is not a noteworthy issue. Why do some religious preachers get so much support and a covalent shield of the pseudo liberals and anti nationalists, when you have visual proofs of his ridiculous ideologies and dangerous sentiments? 
Why does a killing of an established terrorist, a commander of a terrorist organisation spark an outrage and lead to violence and debates on national television? This is nothing but stigmatising the beautiful constitutional fabric of a country. I just hope and pray that an outrage gets ignited, the world comes together, identifies the maniacal and the devastating face of terrorism, the forces and countries fostering it and completely wipes them out!

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