The Release Rush

I am an avid fan of Masterchef Australia!
I love watching the participants, working on their culinary recipes, race with each other towards the deadline.
I wondered why they all feel so rushed up towards the finishing line, adding those final touches, often finishing only seconds before the deadline.
It happens no matter how long the time slot is, or how simple the cuisine is. And it happens to every participant, even the most expert cooks with a spectacular plan and meticulous execution. Why so? Bad planning?
And then I wonder, how I would feel if a participant finishes 10 minutes before their deadline. They finished alright, but could they have delivered more? Did they take it too easy? Not just for the sake of competition, but for realizing their own potential.
The goal is not just to deliver, in the given time. That is not success.
The goal is to deliver your best, in the given time. That has the potential to be a success. Do the release but find your cherry on the cake.

Originally published at on December 26, 2015.

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