Love despite

It’s easy to love with a reason.

It’s easy to love something good.

It’s easy to look at something pleasing and love it.

It’s easy to love because.

It’s hard to love something without good reason.

It’s hard to love someone’s flaws.

It’s hard to look at something that isn't bright and shiny and love it.

But if you only love because it’s beautiful, seemingly perfect and pleasing, is that really love?

Think about it, dig deep and look for that hint of selfishness.

Maybe you think of love as a game, a game of trade.

A game of exchanging what might seem to be love for the things that only make you happy.

If that’s your kind of love, it’s pretty much bullsh*t.

But to love despite knowing the flaws, seeing the dirt and feeling the rough edges, isn't that a love that’s pure.

To put one above yourself and to see the cracks and imperfections and yet love, now isn't that something true?

When it comes to love, there shouldn't be games, no bullsh*t, just pure unadulterated love.

Loving past all the imperfections is what makes love perfect.

Loving despite and not because, that’s what makes love, love.

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