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I have tried to write a post three times today (this is the third) with different subjects without exactly getting there. Somehow I can understand, I am feeling hungry (though I have more than ate), got some vertigo and basically feeling dizzy.

Still, I found the strength to dance. Yeah, in the past fourty minutes, I have been dancing hard on some afrobeat, choosing only THE songs which will make me dance like crazy. In that sense, Africa is beautiful. Sounds, abi, that is one of her strengths, so many talents, so much energy, so much creativity.

So I danced, this was part of my 10 things to do more and in fact this day I did some other things focused on me : putting some sassy nail polish, getting another hairdo, a beautiful cut in order to give my afro a shape, then some shopping: for home and for me (two beautiful dresses by the one and only Kibonen, ethnic all in me).

It felt simply good to take care of myself. This may seem as a basic but I can promise you that for a new mother, this can be tough, especially at the beginnings ( Lil Princess is less than six months). So yeah, it felt good and right now it does feel good. I am still listening to that Afrobeat playlist on Deezer and making great discoveries.

So yeah, initially I found it tough to write today but simply I encourage you to take that time everyday to experience some small individual moments, that make you feel good, that make you great. Identify your passion, your interests and find time to nurture them always, it will increase your well-being or at least so I can share by experience,

Hope you enjoyed the reading. If you did so, Joyfully click on the bright heart

Goodnight folks, was great writing to you today (one of my other special moments).

Love, Anna♦

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