Experimental Videos

I have always liked the underground experimental art scene. The raw is authentic. It bleeds real. But most people love the polished pop art. They love the slick videos highly stylized. I wouldn’t mind getting a sweet rig like the expensive red camera most artists use in their videos. Nevertheless I’d still keep it raw. I want my art to mean something not just fool people into thinking that all the world lives in a luxurious bubble.

Some artists are definitely keeping it real. They got the money and the means but they choose not to go all hollywood fake with their art. I got mad respect for these brave creatives. They see the world as is not through vanity eyes. I mean I watch the polished things sometimes and vibe with them but I never get it twisted. I know it’s all make believe selling the fake for maximum profit. And the kids are most vulnerable. They binge on that false reality.

The underground will always thrive. Some artists never fit the profile. They create on their own terms. If they get fame or notoriety so be it. Win win for the conscious and the aware. Meanwhile I continue shooting with my nexus 5x. It has a decent enough camera. I capture the city with the best of intentions. I smile and never compromise.

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