I Totally Get Mr robot

I like how the show is draped in real tech. No gimmicks. Nothing corny. The terminal is ground zero. They start from the prompt and work their way into the heart of the matrix Evil Corp. While everything falls apart around them the Linux terminal is their fulcrum. When shit hits the fan terminal is the buffer zone.

Terminal is empty and rich. The prompt is void unless you bait it. You are the keymaker. You alone holding the keys to rewrite the present. Whatever leaks from CLI is all on you. Crashing an evil system is alien orgasmic. Rapturous but then what. How do you top that? When the game is won do you return to prompt?

Hopefully Mr Robot’s capitalist construct will bend not break. The writers of the show gleefully opens many more terminals tempting the twisted. I want to see more of the Dark Army. Real intriguing bunch. Not sure what they are hacking to gain. Could be the ultimate hacker showdown Fsociety pitted against the Dark Army. The ultimate hack fest of leet code, backdoors, trojans and social engineering at its most sinister.

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