Passion Fades Lights Go Out

First week of the Olympics am screaming at the computer screen. I want all my teams to win and every infraction should be against the enemy. Does not quite work out that way though. Some of my teams lose. They won’t make it far. Is like their presence was just a formality. My passion spent. Interest in the games almost faded. The reality of loss is palpable.

Rio Olympics 2016 is analogous to the struggles of everyday life. Some win. Most lose and others never even get it going. Kids get bullied out of existence. Their friends won the popularity lottery and make it to the top of the pyramid. The janitor is invisible in the cafeteria. A refugee and her sister swim in dark frigid waters to help their people make it safely to shore. She swims again in the Rio Olympics in validation of the human spirit. Her passion transcending adversity and the bleakness of the human condition.

This week am much less passionate about the games. Am not streaming everything. Whatever I miss is forgotten. I try to catch my favorite sports, root for my favorite athletes. A scream here. A holla there. I keep my passion tempered. I have less heady expectations. Eventually the last whistle blows. Some celebrate. Tears fall. Passion fades. The lights go out. Done.

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