The Things That Matter Most

Fads fade. Icons die. Startups fail. Friends disappear into their lives. What remains is the essence of you. Politics divides the weak. Religion consumes the paranoid. Only the strong remains confident in their skin and identity. They grow and create the environments that keeps nurturing and sustaining that growth. They thrive in the now in an acute awareness of their identity. When you know who you are how can self doubt break you? How can demagogues drive you to the hatred of freedom itself? Well unless you are holding the keys to the cage.

Everything in flux. Entropy on a constant feeding frenzy. You wake up everyday and there’s a brand new schema for wasting your time. Nothing substantial. Fluff from the minds of false prophets. Indifferent humans void of empathy. They are addicted to the fluff in their heads. They are filler creatures constantly replacing empty with illusions. Their music is a distant echo hardly beating. Their passion false like fools gold.

What matters most is knowing the real you and your purpose in life. We must aspire to be more than automatons in the cog of ideology. Technology won’t replace us only human frailty will drive us to extinction. Awareness is the antidote. Freedom matters more than faith.

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