Writing On The Steps

So summer just started and I got back to the steps again. Couldn’t wait to get back out there with my gear in the late afternoon. Chromebook, phone and my imagination. Writing outdoors can be mad fun. It is so different from writing in my lair using one of my desktops. Seriously I write pretty much different out there. Not sure why. Don’t know how it happens. Maybe is the open sky expanding my consciousness. Could be the people passing by stimulating me to more vivid expressions.

The writing comes easy outside. I just flow. I become liquid and fill up every inch of my psyche. The topics are overwhelming. I try not to be greedy. I choose the most interesting stimulation and fire away. I don’t stop until I have achieved the motherlode. I write like I am possessed. It’s a full blown mad session of go go go. When I am done I can’t stop laughing. I just have excavated another art piece from the zeitgeist and it feels better than sex.

Sometimes I go to the nearby dunkins donuts to write and drink coffee. But writing on the steps of my apartment is a whole lot sweeter. At dunkins I am still in a cage. The sky is not open to me. I am still imprisoned. It’s definitely not free enough. I will have to do a deep analysis comparison of my writing on the steps and in dunkins to gauge the difference. I think the open sky literature is a lot more spontaneous.

I think every writer should get out there sometimes and write with eyes wide open. Get out of your cave, starbucks etc etc. The parks are perfect and it’s summer. No reason to keep writing in your cage.

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