Well then, why don’t you enlighten me (I’m the dumb blonde, see profile picture) and practice what…
Ana Frusinoiu

You should consider being a non-hater. Why oh why would you want to go n start up some rambling venom spitting demands when the obvious is so apparent to us here dumber folk?

Yeah, that would be me! I’m here to get away from the head games of social media, not what I read from you. There are way better ways to spend your time these days, go rant to Trump, maybe he’ll listen to your Russian ideolgies. But me personally, I’m here for comfort, entertainment, and some pretty solid life experience advise.

You are poisoning my vibe by being combative in a place where one expresses themselves under the 1st Ammendment. So piss off so I can get back to my enjoyment of others self expression. Please n Thank You.