How I Reduced My Blood Pressure Naturally In Just 3 weeks…

So I’ve finally found the time to sit down and write up what I’ve been doing for the last 6 weeks or so in order to get my blood pressure down to normal without using meds.

Today I had 2 post op follow-up check ups at the hospital here in Bangkok, and one of those was with the doctor assigned for my high blood pressure. Today he was amazed at what I have achieved and signed me off the 2 medications that he had been subscribing me. I told him that I had already come off the meds myself (As I wanted to beat this naturally and I had been monitoring my BP 3 times everyday).

*** I must put a disclaimer in here ***

I am no medical expert and this is just what I did for myself and this worked for me, if you are currently suffering from hypertension and on medications prescribed by a doctor please consult them before trying to come off them. I would suggest writing up a lifestyle changes plan and taking it to them and asking if they can advise how to use their knowledge and the plan to slowly come off the medication.

This post today is just a brief outline of what I personally did, and it will probably not be suitable for many others, BUT I am now actually writing 2 books, one will be to outline ALL the things you can do to help lower blood pressure naturally and the other is a healthy recipe book that will give people 20–40 recipes all geared to help reduce blood pressure (This is a joint effort with the help of a doctor friend of mine).

I have also created a Facebook group for people to help each other lower blood pressure here Blood Pressure Choices FB Group

I’m also starting up a website called ‘Blood Pressure Choices’ which will outline all the choices that people actually have, that can make a change & help them fight Hypertension going forward.

Anyhow, I digress.

Basically in a nutshell, here’s what I did…

  1. I became a label reader.

What do I mean by this?

Well I actually look like a geek in Tesco’s or the 7/11 now. I have taken to reading every label and making a calculated judgement to cut out as much added sugars and sodium as possible.

2) I added good foods and drinks into my diet.

Here’s a list of some of the foods I either added into my diet, or increased the daily intake.

Fresh Coconut (I’m lucky being in Thailand, as I can get a fresh coconut every day, but if you can’t get a fresh coconut where you live, there are many 100% organic cartons in the supermarkets - just be sure to check the sugar and sodium levels are low).
Fresh Beetroot Juice (Again look for a locally pressed fresh juice with no additives, if you can’t find one or you can’t buy fresh beetroot to juice yourself, then check any organic cartons for low sodium & sugar content).
Naturally Roasted Pumpkins Seeds
85–99% Pure Dark Chocolate
0% Fat Natural Yoghurt
2–3 Fresh Bananas
Natural Oats
Fresh Garlic I take a spoonful of a mixture each morning that is made up of fresh garlic, fresh ginger, natural honey, apple cider vinegar & fresh lime juice all blended together (each morning about 30 mins before breakfast I take this on an empty stomach).
Green tea, Jasmine tea, Oolong tea or Hibiscus tea.
Broccoli, Kale, Spinach and other greens. Again I don’t particularly like the taste of these but they have the goodness in them that is needed to help reduce my HBP. I usually take the fresh beetroot juice, fresh coconut water, fresh bananas and add spinach, kale & broccoli to my blender and zap it all up into a drink to wolf down. My little secret tip here to make it taste better is to add 10g of 85–99% chocolate too.
Sweet Potato
Water Melon
Almonds & Natural unsweetened Almond Milk
Dates & Raisins

3) I removed bad foods & drinks from my diet.

Foods/drinks removed from my diet

I haven’t stopped eating it altogether, but I have cut back on Beef & Pork, and I’m eating more fish (Cod, Salmon, Tuna & John Dory) & Chicken
Pre-Packaged Food has been eliminated where possible (including all tinned food other than tinned tuna in spring water) I wouldn’t really touch another microwave meal or pot noodle type product in my life if I can help it. (one noodle snack here in Thailand contains a mind blowing 85% of your daily RDA for sodium which is just insane).
Any meal I buy in a restaurant, I now ask for no salt or sugar to be added, or at least reduce the amount (It’s added in huge amounts here in Thailand to some dishes so I try speak to the chef and ask to cut it right down if possible).
I’ve cut out alcohol altogether (today is actually day 54). Now before anyone thinks I will be getting on my high horse about alcohol, I have loved a drink as much as the next person, but I always knew deep down that it was a major contributing factor. I’m not going to sit here and type this and say that I’m never going to drink again, but right now until my blood pressure is stabilised for a good month or so, I’m going to abstain. Once my HBP is under control I will test easing back in a glass of wine here and there, and keep monitoring my BP. If it goes up again I’ll obviously stop again.
I now avoid the bakery, no more donuts (which has probably been the hardest thing).

4) Made a conscious effort to lose weight & reach a BMI reading that was OK.

On 29th nov 2017 I weighed 97.2kg and when I checked my ideal BMI I realised that the max my weight should be, If I wanted it to be in the BMI acceptable rate, was 88kg. I took the advice of Tom Hadfield and followed his fat loss effect diet (which you can get for free here -> The Fat Loss Effect). On day 60 of following the Fat Loss effect my weight was down to 87.9kg and my target had been met. I’m now at day 65 and I’m down to 87.5kg (9.7kg lost in approx 2 months).

5) Increasing my daily exercise.

You’ll probably see a pattern emerging here where all this stuff kinda fits hand in glove with each other. I took a step back and tried to see where I could increase my daily activity. I have pretty much been a keyboard warrior for the past 20 years and I know I have not done enough exercise regularly which has probably been a large contributor to my HBP.

Since I got out of hospital my mobility has been limited but I have started to go swimming 3–4 times a week and also where I would normally jump on my Suzuki to nip to the shops in about 2–3 minutes, I always try to walk now instead, which takes about 30 mins round trip. I’m doing this at least twice a day now. Once my back is fully healed I will be purchasing a cycle and using that to get around on much more.

I had help and advice on fitness from Tom Hadfield at Hadfield Fitness.

6) Stress Reduction.

This has probably been my biggest problem throughout my life as my brain is over active. What this means is that it never stops for even one second, when I was small I was diagnosed with an over active brain and that was what caused me to have crazy dreams and constant sleep walking which used to freak my mother out. I have been using an app called over the past 4 weeks and its amazing. I have been using the relaxing programs on there plus I have had some sessions with Leah Butler-Smith who has helped me massively with many things in this department.

7) Getting more sleep.

Ask my wife or any of my close friends and they will tell you that I never used to go to sleep before 1 or 2am, quite often it would be 4 or 5am and I still got up when my young daughter gets up at 7am each day. I can run on 3–4 hours sleep per day no problem, but what I never realised is, that this has been having an adverse effect on my blood pressure and well being. Again I have turned to because they have some amazing sleep programs on there and I have also taken to having 15/30/45 minutes naps whenever I feel a slight lack of energy.

So thats it basically, these were the first 7 things that I have done which have helped me personally (there are actually another 2 things I did, but I am still monitoring whether they have been part of the reduction or not and If it turns out that they have also helped, I will add those to this story).

If you suffer from High Blood Pressure then please join the FB Group and we can share ways in which it can be reduced.

Anyone can also reach out to me at anytime via this page -> Community