Human Guinea Pig…

So I’ve decided to become a Human Guinea pig in my quest to help as many people in the world reduce their high blood pressure naturally.

As I outlined in my previous post I went all out to get my blood pressure down to a stable low reading and I came off the blood pressure meds that I had been prescribed. Many people have asked me why I didn’t do it bit-by-bit so that I knew exactly what worked and what didn’t.

Well my answer is this, I don’t believe that it’s as simple as doing just 1 or 2 things. In my mind, people as a society have developed a false sense of security by being able to take 1 solution (Pharma meds) to treat the effect or outcome of a problem (In my case, to reduce my high blood pressure).

What’s actually happening, is that people are generally not treating the actual root cause of why their blood pressure is high, but they are fooling themselves into thinking it’s fixed by paying the big Pharma companies the medications they are told they will be on for life.

Let me try and explain this in a way you can think about it logically.

Imagine living in your house for many years and then one day you noticed water on the floor. Upon inspection you discover that you have a leak from a hole in the roof and its causing the water level to rise in your house. This in itself is not immediately going to condemn the house, but if left over a long period of time, the house will eventually become flooded, and possibly condemned and inhabitable as a result.

Think of the rising water level in the house as your rising blood pressure and it’s a warning that something is not quite right, as the water rises, there is more chance the house will flood completely.

Same with the blood pressure, as it rises over time and is left untreated, the chances of a stroke or heart attack also increase.

So, if you think about this, you actually now have 2 simple options to treat your house that is filling up with water.

1) Stick a bucket under the leak in the roof and catch the slow dripping water.

Now this solves the outcome and effect that has come from the root cause (a hole in the roof). Now provided you empty the bucket each morning and replace it, you can carry on with your life and the house will stay intact.

So think of this bucket as the medicines prescribed to keep blood pressure down, they fix the effects and outcome (high blood pressure) caused by the actual problem (lifestyle).

But as time goes on the hole in the roof of the house will get worse, then the bucket will need to be changed more often, and if you forget for a week or month then the chances are the house will flood.

2) The second option would be to go and fix the actual root cause of the water (The hole in the roof). Now if you take out the cause of the problem and not just treat the effects of the problem, then the problem disappears completely.

So think of your high blood pressure in the same way. Fix the root of the problem, and not just treat the effects.

Problem = Hole in the roof for the house or Lifestyle for high blood pressure in someone
Effect = water level rises in the house or blood pressure rises in someone
Temporary fix = Use a bucket to catch the water in the house or take Pharma medication to lower the blood pressure in someone
Solution = Fix the hole in the roof for the house or change the lifestyle and daily actions that someone has.

I want to point out here, that in no way am I telling people to stop taking any doctors medications that they may be on controlling their blood pressure.

But I would advise you to start monitoring your BP 3 times a day and start working on lifestyle changes. you will suddenly see your daily BP readings come down and then you maybe only need a smaller bucket each day as your start fixing your roof. If you keep working on fixing that roof, then eventually you will have no requirement for the bucket in your house…

Now as I said at the start of this article I now consider myself a Human Guinea pig for the good of all those with HBP ;)

I want to try and show people just how much lifestyle changes can alter your blood pressure readings. So over the last 4–5 days I have reversed a lot of what I have been doing since early January. My blood pressure had stabilised around 125–130/75–80

My blood pressure 5 days ago was at 130/79

So for Human Guinea pig test #1, I have done the following over the last few days.

1) Cut back 80% of my exercise (I’ve only been swimming once in the last 4 days & I have only walked 50% as much, taking buses and taxis instead).

2) I have worked hard and upped my stress levels.

3) I have disrupted my sleep (as part of the hard work I have been back on 4–5 hours sleep per night for the past 4–5 days).

4) Cut back 80% on fresh fruits, vegetables and juices.

5) Eaten things I cut out before (I’ve had pizza, fish and chips, Indian curry all over the last 3 days and been snacking on crisps and chocolate snacks).

6) I put weight back on as part of (5) I was at 87.1kg 4 days ago today Im back up to 88.6kg.

7) I ignored labels in the stores.

Today my blood pressure is back up to 150/107. Now I know people are going to say I’m crazy, and I shouldn’t be doing stuff like this, but I really want to try and show that I can regain control of it again over the next 4–5 days naturally.

Today is day one of the Guinea Pig lifestyle test.

I have come to a chilled resort in the seaside town of Hua Hin and from today I will get back to full exercise and redo everything I did first time round over the next 3–5 day and keep monitoring my BP as I do it.

First thing on the agenda is to swim 1km today…

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