Cutting the cord!

I have finally done it.

After 7 years of being tied to a Foxtel cable package I have cut the cord. It wasn’t an easy decision and I will miss ESPN, Sky News, Fox News and property shows on Lifestyle, but it was a decision that had to be made.

The Foxtel / Cable model is broken.

The countless reruns of old shows, lack of new content without greater subscription options and increased levels of advertising has all lead to their demise. Plus, once subscribed you become the poor cousin to any new prospective buyer. Offers, promotions or gifts not coming your way despite your loyalty.

Cable companies just don’t get the new “Now World” that their competitors get. Netflix, Hulu and even to a smaller extent Stan understand and listen to their user. They treat their user like the king maker not the prospective buyer and they give them content they want when they want it!

If cash is king in traditional business models then content is king for video subscription models and Netflix wins this hands down.

With shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Daredevil, just to name a few. They understand that the user wants more and wants it on their timetable not the studios. The kicker is that they give it all and at a ridiculous price with no lock in contract.

The next challenge for cable networks is sport. More and more people will cut the cord when Australian sports go it alone and follow the NFL lead by creating their own broadcasters. The AFL has already started and is set to lead this space by as early as 2017.

As disruption continues it will be early adopters and innovators that move with the times or else risk being left in the dark. I hope for the cable companies they see the light before it’s too late.