Extreme weather is triggering climate despair
Paris Marx

At what point do we say, its over? Were in the 6th Mass extinction, oceans have acidified and taken massive amounts of co2 from atmosphere but wont keep doing this, plastic to make up higher biomass than fish and we have wiped out 90% of large species in ocean. Insect populations have declined by 75% in Germany (probly similar elsewhere but lacking data). 800million petrol vehicles on the road which also power our agriculture to feed a population which can only survive off cheap fossil fuels. Even the resources we consume for green technology wont last forever, eg 100 years?, 1000 years using some rare earth metals? Either way the planet is finite and time is finite, it was always probable if we lasted long enough (no asteriod for example) that civilization would have to deal with the end, we are unfortunately the unlucky ones (heideggers line of finititude). The coral reefs all but lost, arctic blue ocean event within next few years, west antarctic ice sheet in irreversible collapse. And we havnt even seen the effects of the last 10 years CO2 which as of 2017 is still rising!!, All this without looking at nuclear war. lets not kid ourselves, the planet will not notice once weve concluded our ‘work’ here. What an achievement of evolution we are, sad species…