How Instagram Stories Just Made DM Relevant To Me

That date was August 8th, 2011. I upload my first pic to Instagram. From the introduction of Direct Messages in Instagram until the introduction of Stories, I had sent or received a whopping 18 DMs. Since Instagram updated to add Stories I have had over 49 conversations in DMs.

First Instagram Post - Keegan Lanier
My First Instagram Post (8/8/2011)

I have become a major fan of the UX of Instagram stories and the comments on posts in stories could have only gone into the DM section. Snapchat still has one major flaw (to me) that is hanging around from it’s early days. Every comment left on a story disappears after it’s checked. If you comment on someone’s story in Snapchat and it takes a while to respond, you run the risk of having zero idea what their comment is actually about. Instagram set up Stories so this Snapchat issue is not only a strength in Instagram Stories, but immediately takes a part of the app that was barely used and makes it a critical part of the stories UX.

If you are on the fence about Instagram Stories, I have put together a UX Impressions Video to walk through how Instagram Stories works. Check out Carlos Gil on Snapchat for in depth tutorials on how to leverage Snapchat to promote your business.

The Verge put together an article about InstAgram direct message usage at only 25% in July of 2014. TechCrunch reported Instagram DM usage at 50% when Instagram Stories launched earlier this year (View Article).

My usage could be unique, but I think that 50% will increase dramatically as more people use Instagram Stories and begin commenting on people’s stories. Time will tell, but I think Instagram just made DMs relevant in their platform for the first.

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