Social Media Marketing World Is One Week Away

Social Media Marketing World Is Almost Here!!!

As March 21st quickly approaches, the anticipation of attending Social Media Marketing World for the first time has hit an all-time high! I’m less than one week away from meeting some of the people in social media marketing, live video and business that I’ve watched for years now. People like Brian Fanzo, Amy Schmittauer, Vincenzo Landino, Roberto Blake, Chris “Kubby” Kubbernus and the person making the trip possible, Carlos Gil. I can’t say thank you enough to Carlos for passing on a pass to SMMW which allows me to attend the event. Watch below as Carlos drops a video announcing me as the winner of his giveaway and make sure to check out the other fine people who will be speaking and bringing content to #SMMW17

Attending SMMW will give me the chance to make connections with some amazing individuals in business. Over 3000 people are heading to San Diego ready to soak up the latest and greatest in social media, live streaming and social marketing. Aside from all of the amazing content that will be created and consumed, the opening ceremony is on a freakin AIRCRAFT CARRIER!! How cool is that? It can’t be overlooked that the conference is in beautiful San Diego.

I’m ready to make the most of this trip. I’ll be going on as little sleep as humanly possible so I can shake all the hands, talk shop with anyone who will have coffee with me and experience San Diego to it’s fullest. If you can’t or won’t be in San Diego for the actual event, you should consider purchasing a virtual ticket so you don’t miss out on the amazing content that will come from SMMW17. You can get a virtual pass here.

I can’t wait to follow this post up after SMMW17 has come to an end. I’ll be sharing my experience and some of the things I’ve picked up from the best people in the business. Join the journey as I document my trip on Instagram Stories.

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