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Absolute garbage article, destined for the same irrelevancy as SNL in post- election America. Put in the simplest of terms, you are calling for the skewering of your democratically elected President months before he even takes office, hoping if not begging for sharp and biting attack propaganda across the next four years, and praising a cast member (that the wide majority of Americans don’t recognize) for her absolutely dull piano performance that would place 3rd in any normal middle school talent show across the country.

First, the election is over, SNL is already relegated back to the uselessness it has grown accustom to in the internet-era.

Culturally, the same millennials you are trying to appeal to via TheRinger, do not care about or watch SNL. Less than 3% of this country will tune into SNL post-election, and that age group skews weak in comparison to your target audience. The high water mark of SNL getting 40% viewership rating in the late Saturday time slot eroded by the mid-1980s, and Viewership ratings will only continue to plummet in the post-Ferrell world, as no one has use for a leftist echo-chamber of elitist Hollywood and New York propaganda now that the election is over.

So, the entirety of your buzzfeed-reject article of ‘why SNL needs x to do y’, is pointless. You are talking about the dying play-thing of Lorne, rebuilt seemingly during election cycles to preach (outright collude) with the Democratic party to paint conservatives and conservative values as racist and perversely antiquated. SNL has been relegated by the last two generations as something to occasionally view 2 minute clips of on Youtube, that is hallmarked in the last year only by our desperate and ever-diminishing dream that Chappelle Show comes back on air.

Culturally, Why not an article about how SNL will largely slide in oblivion for another 4 years? Why not an article about how alternative news media (HBO John Oliver, Infowars, VICE, Reddit, etc) is outperforming old and tired forms of media (SNL, Late Night Shows, ABC/NBC/CNN/Etc.), and that even those of us that view ‘SNL’ or ‘Conan’ clips are skipping 95% of the content and merely watching clips on youtube? Backing it all up with well thought out insights and viewership statistics?

Politically, why not an article written outside of a unrelenting and unnegotiable liberal bubble? One that provides your readers with the actuality of things, the pros and cons, and a discussion thereof? Instead of shortsided leftist elite Hollywood and New York regurgitations.

Why? Why? Why?

Because you are a talentless and constipated journalist, bravely manning the ripped sails of a shipwrecked endeavor, while you continually blame everyone and everything around you for not following lock and step with your ‘enligthened’ ivy league witticisms and Californian outlook? This is my best estimation. Heres the newsflash: The things you care about, we collectively don’t. The moral high ground you pretend to stand on, is only a manifestation of your own prejudice.

On a positive side, I loved how the youtube links were woven into this article. Especially the Phil Hartman links.

Joe House for President 2020.

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