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Disclosure: HBO is an initial investor in The Ringer.

Disclosure: The Ringer is now funded in part by Vox News, the leftist echo-chamber fake news monger, who’s inane ramblings are as inaccurate, as they are irrelevant.

Disclosure: Alison Herman writes another pointless article, about an incomprehensibly poor ending to a largely forgotten and dated TV show — that she most likely never watched, and doesn’t care about. Then references even more dated shows, presumably by interviewing her progressively bland Mother (or Bill Simmons, same thing), that she and her collective readers definitely never watched (and that the majority of The Ringer’s readership wasn’t even alive to see). The TV series Dallas? St. Elsewhere? ….wut?

Disclosure: There was nothing ‘ground breaking’ about the Sopranos final season, or final episode — the series ended awfully, filled with several meandering plotlines, perhaps best hallmarked by the most horrendous attempt at acting and consequentially detestably boring plotline of America’s FAVORITE son: A.J. Soprano. Yawn.

Congratulations to The Ringer on fulfilling the destiny of becoming a neon headline click-bait entity of no substance! You did it! Dreams come true!

Joe House for President 2020.

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