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Excellent column. Really captures the upside and downside of Taboo.

I had to shut down my browser, email, and both phones in order to keep tabs on the first episode, as the ‘Victorian’ dialogue and constant mutterings had me at a loss otherwise. For linguistic reasons alone, I just cannot see this show catching fire in the public consciousness, or discussed around Kansas water-coolers.

As great as the show may become, I too fear that it might require too high of an investment for middle America, and fail for the very nature of it’s possible greatness: the grandiose scope of it’s setting, intricate brooding plotlines, and high calibur actor performances.

I’ll stick around for a few more episodes regardless, but am slightly perturbed I have to detach from work and all forms of communication from the outside world in order to follow a painstakingly slow plot.

All that said, good column, excellent first episode.

Joe House for President 2020.

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