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First and foremost, it is so irresponsible to reprint baseless regressive leftist rhetoric, in such flippant ways, pawning your own ‘echo-chamber’ opinions off as if they are somehow more reasoned if backed by Chris Sacca :

“Most of Silicon Valley’s rulers have always argued that they’re here to make the world a more democratic, equal, accepting place. But despite the fact that Donald Trump has insulted and threatened their users and businesses, they are willing to — as longtime VC Chris Sacca recently said — “legitimize a fascist” if it means maintaining a profitable company. “

As far as I know, all of Silicon Valley’s ‘rulers’ have chosen capitalism, amassing personal fortunes that overshadow Trump himself, over ‘open-source’, democratic regimes that live in some utopia of philanthropy. A perfect example is Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos buying a newspaper, and having all journalists blatantly produce nothing but propagandistic headlines, that purported the grace of Clinton and evilness of Trump, not because he is a shepherd tending to his flock from moral highground — but in hopes of currying favor with a noted corrupt President Elect Clinton to negate the looming nexus state tax laws that would cripple Amazon so tremendously (and are most likely coming under anti-monopoly, State empowered Trump presidency).

Chris Sacca himself, has a history of making very regressive racist statements — decrying white males, and saying that he prefers to only hire ‘women of colour’ when all things are equal, as in his opinion it adds to the ‘life’ of the office. This is the epitome of political correctness run amok, pushing into racist and bigoted thought, that is shockingly being implemented. This is true systematic racism, that is implemented racism by a structural entity, not opaque or subtle prejudice existing in the ether of American minds. “Among our companies run by (African American) women, they are just nicer places to visit .. the discussions are more patient, there is less drama .. I’m actually starting to over-index that way”. Over-index meaning he is hiring not based on meritocracy (as you later suppose Silicon Valley operates under), but based on racist views and stereotypes that black women are inherently more logical than white males. Obviously, I believe he was merely virtue signaling and pandering to an audience, and doesn’t believe the rhetoric himself — but let’s be honest when discussing sources.

Secondly, although after several verbose paragraphs of wavering focus, you minimize the most important factor and it’s glaring scale.

“ (All the while, Musk’s companies have benefitted from government contracts and incentives, including SpaceX’s recent $83 million contract with the Air Force to launch a next-generation GPS satellite, and a slew of tax credits and loans from state governments — something that might encourage Musk to bite his tongue around Trump when it comes to personal passions like climate change.)”

A federal loan or contract totaling $83 million is absolute pocket change to Musk, who has more accurately bilked the American tax payer out of +$7 billion in federal assistance. It’s widely known around Silicon Valley/VC, that Musk’s greatest asset is his ability to ‘sell’ vision to government, whilest having a complete inability to deliver sustainable business models or anything that can be remotely considered a profitable mechanisms of manufacture and implementation. He in effect runs a giant, although beautiful, futurist ponzi scheme which depends on very tenuous federal loans, directives, and ‘open road’ legislation.

I could get into a deeper conversation about why this site is absolutely unwilling to depart from the path of leftist rhetoric, and how insanely biased and worthless the majority of the articles are, but it would most likely fall on deaf ears.

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