You’re right! You can definitely find your own echo chamber someplace else.

I take great content in your comment — as it stands as an admission of sorts, that what was hoped to be a relaunching of Grantland, has instead transformed into an irrelevantly bitter echo-chamber — or more acutely that ‘TheRinger’ is a weird and perverse leftist fake news machine, where unresearched leftist rhetoric is purveyed as relevant insight, with countless, colorful columns that read like the abused play things of rejected gawker submissions, written by untalented New York gossip bloggists and race baiters.

Bill lost his show. And this site is beyond puzzling. 
His podcasts are still good. This column was not.

Maybe I have grossly different opinions than TheRinger’s audience.
Perhaps it is true. But it is also true, I grew up looking to Simmons/Thompson/Page 2 journalism as something uniquely opinionated, and somewhat refreshing (even if I disagreed with the opinions or homerism), and liked that he kept the same sense of irreverence, while adding intelligence with Grantland — now his flagship enterprise, The Ringer reads like the incoherent ramblings from a bitter leftist teenage girl — written from a safe space, with texts carelessly interwoven between the pages of a neon green and neon pink Justin Bieber spiral notebook.

Maybe I’m out of touch.

Joe House for President 2020.

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