Actually, it is exactly what CNN didnt do.
Andrew Lear

I type 100WPM and like to rant, so feel free to read through any of my postings and gloat over typos. They should arise often, unlike this sites web-traffic.

“a person or organization that is immature, inexperienced, or underdeveloped.”

“Descending into oblivion”, is an empirically researched and proven claim, despite a bit of hyperbole (per Amazon’s alexa web traffic):
TheRinger traffic is down nearly -2900 positions globally since July.
TheRinger bounceback is 55%, up 20% on the month.
TheRinger gets 2.53 page views per visitor, down -15% on the month.
TheRinger gets 3:42 in average time per visitor, down -10% on the month.
All despite increased SEO payments via Google, and already a poor showing in December.

For a site with increasing budget, contributors consisting of know-nothing and rejected huddled masses from Buzzfeed (the organization that brought us #pissgate), that was launched less than 2 years ago? This is what you can call: Bad.

Very bad.

Why do I come here? I’ve answered this exact question before, but I will gladly again. I am part of the Page 2 old guard. Bill Simmons and Hunter S Thompson single-handedly inspired me to take an interest in journalism, the ability to artfully construct a position of irreverance in terms of Sports, Politics, and popular culture thereof — I have followed and will continue to follow Simmons career and writings closely. But I do agree, this current state of trying to replicate the worst aspects of Buzzfeed, with untalented and know-nothing millennial bloggers who themselves were fired from Gawker/Buzzfeed/Etc., is an unfortunate and distant departure from what made Simmons great.

I stop in on this site every few weeks to give my opinions. Feel free to ignore or argue them, as you deem fit.

Be well my friend.

Joe House for President 2020.

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