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President Obama: The stock market “shatter[ed] records,” he said, and the “unemployment rate is near a 10-year low.”

First, true unemployment figures are hovering around 23% currently, which is a far cry from Barry’s ‘5% U-3’ official unemployment statistics. True unemployment is at record highs. Summarily the crux of the current administrations inane and blatant claims that unemployment is down, is the deliberate calculation of only those who are very recently unemployed and actively seeking employment. I highly recommend John William’s ShadowStats to see more accurate and grounded statistics on inflation, CPI, and unemployment.

Secondly, the current stock market rally happened mostly due to shifts in American confidence both domestically and internationally, ironically in direct opposition to the Obama administration and subsequent talking points/directives (sparked by a BREXIT he starkly opposed, and the election of PEOTUS Trump). As the housing market bubble of China bursts, the macroeconomic ramifications of a slumping China will be felt in CIS->EU->USA early this year, and many experts expect a severe market readjustment (*cough* crash *cough*) to be hitting the global economy by June ‘17.

Obama’s insistence on ‘ISIL’ nomenclature as you mention, is a direct nod to the Levant, or Levantine Arabic, which speaks to caliphate extending outside of Iraq and Syria and into Israel. Quite fitting with Obama’s absolutely disgraceful Arab pandering, and devoutly anti-Israel stance in the twilight of his second term — he is most likely simply obliging the future donations given to what will soon become the neo-Clinton Foundation (Obama Foundation), in wake of their scandals. Expect large, sizeable donations given to (OF) by Saudi Arabian billionaires with implicit and institutional Wahabist ties.

Let’s give an honest appraisal, Obama was responsible for a number of inexcusable crimes:

Obama gave weapons to Hamas (+$1B in federal tax dollars to Palestinian Authority Unity Government used on arms), Obama’s greenlit Fast and Furious programs directed seized small arms via ATF, thru the federal government into aligned Mexican drug cartels (quite literally espionage), Benghazi, Iranian bribery (remember palletized cash) and instrumental decisions to allow Iranian control of North Iraq, Hatch Act violations with the IRS targeting ‘Tea Party’ or ‘Right’ political members due to partisan alignment, Etc. Etc. Etc.

But hey, he gave a couple decent speeches on the campaign trail , and temporarily lifted our collective spirits before engulfing us in racial, economic, and international turmoil — so let’s all hold hands and pretend he was the greatest President of all time?


More lazy, elitist echo-chamber journalism from just another leftist failing media group — congratulations TheRinger, your irrelevancy continues!

Joe House for President 2020.

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