Why is the ‘first’ in quotations? It is his first press conference as PEOTUS.
Texas Nomad

“ Regardless, this is really he divide between the vocal minority and the Americans that didn’t vote for Trump cannot be reading comprehension… right? “

Even overlooking the typo, this is such poor grammar that I literally have no earthly idea what you are trying to say. Quite ironic that someone who constructs sentences comparable to an illiterate sixth grader accuses me of lacking suitable reading comprehension skills? Your baseless assumptions about my own politics aside, please reread your own post, and understand how completely indecipherable your point is.

‘First’ is in quotations because of the hilarious insinuation that somehow this press conference is inherently different than Trump’s daily press blitz. Pomp and circumstance aside, this is just another day of Trump sounding off in front of a microphone, which we all should agree has been the norm for more than a year.

What did I claim CNN reported, that they didn’t report?
Are you saying that CNN was not reporting on the Buzzfeed document?
Are you saying that CNN did not in anyway give credence or perpetuate the Buzzfeed release?

CNN is a horribly propagandistic, paristan ‘fake news’ source — that is plagued by many of the same ailments of TheRinger: fake news drivel, diminishing ratings, and race baiting nincompoops who are more reminiscent of myspace bloggers than professional journalists.

It is no coincidence, than much of TheRinger staff is comprised of failed Buzzfeed authors already. No?

Yawn. Learn to read, then learn to write, then come back.

Be well my friend.

Joe House for President 2020.

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