Confessions of a Tree-hugger (Wannabe )

Shifting to a sustainable lifestyle should not mean re-shuffling your entire life ! I for one indulge in Fast fashion every now and then when I’m browsing amazon. I also do my part as a new yorker, by haggling with the Bangladeshi fruit-seller around the corner. While everything I eat is not organic, I did really try to switch to organic sheets, the constant reminders on the subway helped!

Before I knew it my Organic sheet shopping turned into “pick your favorite white sheet” contest. So my urge to be a a more responsible consumer took a step back. Design, Color & Art to me are as important and “necessary” as high-quality and responsible living I strive for.

Colorful Embroidery

Wish I could bring some of these boring white sheets back home(India) for a “touch up” by mom — a skilled and experienced embroiderist. Colorful whimsical craft, wasn’t necessarily a “kid” thing…. I still chuckle before a henna party. To me black and white are usually colors of a canvas except of course a Robert Rayman exhibit of THE “white painting” haha — you see why I don’t get that kind of thing!

Colors inspire me in different ways — especially in New York — inspired to blend in with the season #OOTD !

Other #DesignInspo

More recently i got into the #findwhatfeelsgood community, it’s the real deal. @YogawithAdrienne — isn’t your conventional pensive yoga session. More a smooth, almost tea time vibed guided session, without being too instruction’y’. I love how I feel after a 15 minute session on youtube, more importantly I’ve been on track with her for almost a year now !

Then there is this Israeli musician i follow, Oded Tzur — he plays the trumpet, that somehow connect to a funny story that happened to him. It’s one of those experiences that stay with you, like a low-key beach vacation to Puerto Rico — staring at blue waters does not get old.

What if I surrounded myself with objects in the house to remind me of some of these experiences and associations of calm instead of calming WHITE everyday ? No doubt, white is the color of sleep. But recent studies show that colors like blue, yellow even orange in the bedroom result in a better night’s sleep.

Objects with messages or stories, without color determining their appeal would be my pick. I know my purchase of a sustainable product always makes me smile, thinking about how I’m one step closer to my next goal ! One step closer to being a sustainability scout in everyday life.