I watched 14 police officers take down a one-legged homeless Black man outside Twitter HQ
Chaédria LaBouvier

I do not really see anything wrong with how the cops handled this situation from just what this video shows — other than they could of pulled his pants up. The lady in the video is annoying, and the cop kneeling on his leg and prosthetic is following procedures for safety. People are hyper-sensitive immediately to police interactions because of recent incidents. That is understandable, but it doesn’t justify automatically labeling every interaction of a police officer with a black citizen/individual as unjust or police “brutality”. The man didn’t seem very cooperative, and the police didn’t hit or kick him, but only restrained him. I really want there to be a month when the police take a vacation so people scream ‘injustice’ at every police action can see that with the bad comes the good. This does not promote the discussion of police injustice and racism in a useful manner, it is a video of a guy being arrested, that is all.

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