Shadow Fight 2 Mobile Game Review for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile

Nov 25, 2017 · 2 min read

Freemium titles like Shadow Fight 2 makes gamers like us question why we like playing games. Sure, most video games are interesting, enjoyable, intriguing, and even immersive. They are a great way to pass away the time while having fun. Is that the case with Shadow Fight 2? In a way, yes. The combat mechanic is surprisingly decent, and despite the horrible onscreen joypad response, mastering this game’s control related nuances is doable. The visuals are impressively stylish (despite the cheap copout of going for non-details shadow figures instead of full models). The real true drawback of the game is the long wait periods -stamina bars and upgrade wait times are plenty in this game and can get frustrating to deal with.

Ninja Themed Fighting

Shadow Fight 2 is a fighting game with ninja theme. Here, players select between a variety of characters armed with different weapons and fight on one-on-one battles. To advance the game, the players simply have to keep winning. And winning battles is not an easy task, each character has his or her own unique moves and abilities. Understanding the differences of the various input action commands are important once you reach the middle stages of the game (you cannot button mash your way to victory).

shadow fight 2 mod compressed


The game’s visuals are delivered in a stylized “shadow” style silhouettes. It basically inspired by those old Japanese film fight sequences where you’d see swordsmen’s shadows on a paper wall. The shadows emphasize the movement of the characters, allowing the viewer to focus more on the action instead of the character. The entire game is presented in this way, thus you never really get to see the full details of characters you play or fight. Is that a good thing? In the sense that this is a fighting game and having a visual style that allows you to clearly see and even telegraph the actions of the combatants is pretty cool. But as a game artstyle, the novelty does wear off after a time. Sure, it is really is cool, but that coolness factor can only go so far.

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