How to Throw a Memorable Wedding in Vancouver

Are you planning on throwing a wedding in Vancouver? There are many decisions that go into wedding planning, so it is important to know some basic options. The following article will cover three of the main decisions one must make when wedding planning; music, alcohol and unique touches.

Also included in this article is some of the special laws surrounding liquor licenses that are specific to Vancouver and British Columbia.


Vancouver is home to some of the greatest DJ’s and bands in the world. So your first decision is to decide whether you want a DJ (disc jockey) or a live band.


Can play whatever music you could possible want and most services don’t make you pay extra to choose your own tunes. According to Wall Street Journal, DJ’s are on the rise at weddings and will continue to rise in popularity due to their cheaper prices and broader capabilities.

With this said, it should be noted that a DJ is not able to produce a unique experience and will instead have to make up for that with their broad database of songs.

You can expect to pay about $800 for a wedding DJ.

Live Bands

Live bands can be a LOT of fun. Ever see the band at the end of “The Hangover”? If not, I highly recommend checking it out below.

Live bands can be pricey with the most expensive being over $5 million dollars! However, a decent band that allows you to request songs will charge about $1500

Be sure to choose the price point and style of service that fits your event. Both are great options. Can you imagine a wedding without music?

Adam Sandler in “The Wedding Singer” (1998)


Weddings simply would not be fun without alcohol! Hiring a mobile bar-tending service is a sure-fire way to make your wedding a blast.

Certified bartenders assure you that your event will run smoothly and can take away the stress from one of the craziest parts of planning a wedding.

According to Vancouver based company, Down the Hatch Bar Services (; special event bar-tending services come with certified bartenders, tables, mixes, garnishes, ice, and all the bar tending equipment. A wedding or park party with 100 guests would average about $950. A worthwhile investment!

Generally there are a few options you can choose in regards to alcohol at weddings.

  1. Open Bar: Free alcohol for everyone, the bill is footed by the hosts (or the host’s parents for that matter)
  2. Loonie-Toonie Bar: All of the drinks cost $2 with a double shot coming in at $4. This can be a great way to avoid losing as much money on booze!
  3. Pay to Play: All of the alcohol is priced at cost. In Canada you are not allowed to profit off of your guests but you can still recoup most of your money! You can expect your guest to pay $5 per beer or shot

The government of BC website has plenty more details on special event liquor pricing and more! Check it out in the sources at the bottom of this page.

Some of the equipment used by special event bartenders.

Unique Touches

Everyone wants their wedding to be unique, but how can you truly make your special day stand out?

Here are some options:

1) GIANT Games: Buy a selection of your favourite games, but have them super sized. ‘Jenga’, Connect Four, Chess or more. The possibilities are endless.

2) Polaroid Picture Takers: Have someone going around with a classic Polaroid camera. Nothing is a better keepsake than a nice physical copy of a photo.

3) Candy Buffets: Once you’ve had dinner and you are entitled to a solid dessert! Dig into a beautiful candy buffet. Many mobile bar-tending services have add-on services such as candy buffets. Usually costing around $300-$400.

In Conclusion

Whether or not you choose to have a DJ or live band, bartenders or not, unique touches or a traditional wedding, all that matters is that your special day is how you dreamed.

I must reiterate.

Any of the above services can help make your wedding unique and memorable but in the end it is YOUR special day and you should choose to have an event exactly how YOU want it.