The Statue of Liberty

On our last full day in New York, we got up quite late and had to rush to make it downtown to Battery Park so that we could go to the Statue of Liberty. We had a Groupon pass to visit 4 attractions at a discounted rate and wanted to make sure that we used up all of our tickets before we left. The Statue of Liberty was the last place to go.

Unlike the day when we got on a sightseeing cruise by accident, this day we made sure that our boat was headed for the Statue of Liberty. Because these boats were going to the island, we got up closer and got some better photos of Her Lady.

Once we were on the island, we were again happy that it wasn’t crowded and took a walk around the island. Our tickets were only to walk around the grounds of the island. Getting onto the pedestal requires another ticket, and into the crown another type of ticket. I’d looked at the crown tickets prior to our trip, but they were sold out 6 months in advance!

The ticket to the Statue of Liberty also includes a trip to Ellis Island, which houses an immigration museum. It was formerly the first stop for immigrants coming into the US; immigrants were assessed here and either allowed or denied entry into the country. As a museum, we found that it mostly revolved around the good aspects of America and avoided the darker ones like slavery, Asian persecution, and taking land from the Indians. Otherwise, it had a lot of information on the the immigration process back when the building was in use for medical exams, deliberations, and such.

After 8 full days in New York, we found that we’d covered most of Manhattan but little of the other boroughs. New York is one of the few cities I really enjoyed and would like to go back to. This is probably because New York has much more to do than I expected — there are good restaurants everywhere, the architecture is beautiful, and the neighbourhoods are friendly. Typically, when we visit cities like Paris, we feel like we’ve covered everything we want to see and do in just a few days. This wasn’t the case with New York. There is still a lot to see and do, places to eat, and neighbourhoods to explore. For such a huge city, I was pleasantly surprised to find neighbourhoods where people were friendly and knew each other, cars drive slowly and respect pedestrians, and there is a nice balance between the urban fabric and park space. Hopefully there will come a time when we go back and explore more of the city.