The Summer of 2020

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This was a lonely summer and the pandemic forced us into further isolation. At the beginning it seemed like everyone’s summer plans changed overnight. I had high hopes for the summer so I had to adjust my expectations for the summer and made a list of goals which I thought were reasonably achievable in the context of a pandemic.

  1. Go on an Adventure
  2. Make someone so happy they cry
  3. Eat Chinese in Markham
  4. Visit Toronto Islands
  5. Walk the Waterfront
  6. Highpark
  7. Make something to be proud of
  8. Watch a sunrise
  9. BBQ at a cottage
  10. Have really really good ice cream

I accomplished almost everything on the list but missed out on the Chinese in Markham and Toronto Islands. I’m very grateful for my friends who helped me achieve my goals and make some good memories. This is a slideshow exported from iPhone of everything I did this summer:

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One Day Design and Rendering

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This was a quick attempt at designing and rendering a cottage from start to finish in 24 hours. The design was created in SketchUp and rendered with Twinmotion. The property is located north of Toronto on upper Dalrymple lake. The concept is a series three of shed roof volumes. The entrance exists in the void between a guest wing and the main living space which opens onto a west facing patio and the lake beyond. The third volume contains the private bedrooms as well as a home-office loft. The vertical cladding continuing into the entrance hall provides a seamless connection to the exterior.

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Exterior at night

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1. It’s not very expensive

3d printers are relatively cheap to purchase and even cheaper to operate. The Creality Ender 3, which many consider the best bang for buck is just $300 and not even the cheapest on the market. A 1kg (2.2lb) roll of filament cost around $30 and is 330m long. This works out to about 10 cents a meter (3 cents a foot). Since most prints are between 5–10 meters, that’s about 50 cents to a dollar.

2. It takes time

3d printing is a quicker way to make models but still takes longer than expected. Compared with paper or wood model making, 3d printing is very fast for prototyping because a small print can be done in 30 minutes but larger prints can take upwards of 12 hours or more. Whereas the time it takes to make a paper or wood model is largely dictated by the intricacy of detail, 3d printing is slowed based on size. …


Keenan Ngo


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