Written on May 26th, 2015

My first day!

I somehow managed to get an internship at Nvidia! Well, it does help to have connections in the Bay Area, that part is true. Going in, I felt totally unqualified to be there. I just completed my first year at Olin College, a freshman! Interning for the industry leader in graphics. Not to say that I didn’t have any skills, I have learned so much my first year at Olin, but I’m not even sure what I want to major in! Either way, I started my first day, got badged up, and signed the scary NDAs. I have never worked a full-time job before, or at least not this type of job. Running around, being a camp counselor for a couple weeks during the summer is a different beast.

The whole badging process, or at least the act of scanning in, has a certain satisfaction. The lab that I work in, on the third floor, has another level of security that only the Perflab workers get. Meaning this makes me feel even more legit. Anyways, my first day at work, I was led around the Performance Labs, one of the first floor, the larger one, and the one of the third floor, where my desk it. I introduced myself to all of the people who were there, a relatively diverse group. With the exception of gender diversity. There are no women in my lab, and only one on the first floor. Reading the Nvidia company report later that week, I found out that the male population was something around 83% of the company. Coming from an engineering school that strives for gender diversity, this was sad but not unexpected.

Anyways, to my first day actions. Most of the guys in my lab didn’t know I was coming, but were all nice and supportive. They quickly cleared off an old desk for me. Then plopped various computer components on the desk. My first task was to build a computer for myself. On my first day. As a n00b who has never done this, it was quite an experience for my first day. I basically built, imaged, and set up a computer from scratch my first day of work! I learned a lot that day from the hands-on experience I got working with computer hardware.

By the end of the day, I was already being assigned tasks and making an honest contribution to my team. More on that later. In the meantime, let’s test some GPUs!

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Software Engineer @Lever. Olin College of Engineering '18.

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