We Need A Resolution

We must demand a conviction not only for Alton Sterling but for ALL those that have been murdered at the hands of the police & their murderer protected by the systemic racism in this country. Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. called this a “legal lynching”, My question is how can we make it ILLEGAL? When is law enforcement going to speak up and take responsibility for their own actions? Why must accountability always be placed on the victim who is no longer here to speak for themselves? “If they would have just obeyed the law and not resist arrest” they say…what about if the police did their jobs and properly diffused and disarmed the situation?

Naw B…That narrative doesn’t go with “Make America Great Again”. As Black people we gotta ask the question if America was EVER great. I mean can we live? That’s a question that white privilege will argue and say that we are and that our plights are as imaginary as racism free world they live in. Completely erasing the history in this country that says otherwise. They say history repeats itself & here we are, some 50 years later fighting for some of the same civil rights our elders fought for.

We must no longer be content with “investigations” being opened as that’s. just their way of “shutting us up”…an example has to be made by convicting the officer responsible. The police officer that murdered Alton should be handcuffed & chained. HIS criminal history should be shared across social media for the world to view and use to justify his murderous actions. Why must we be viewed as criminals and not sons, fathers, mothers, & daughters? Is it because of your white privilege?

Ain’t SHIT going to change until we fight to change the laws that allow rogue cops to get away with senseless murder. The police are public servants, here to protect & serve when in reality they are doing nothing but protecting and serving themselves.

RIP Alton Sterling

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