Newsletters are Back!

Well, they are for me…

Recently I’ve been enjoying reading newsletters a lot more than browsing a ton of sites trawling for new content. While there are a ton of annoying daily updates out there that fill your inbox with useless info there’s a resurgence in great insightful newsletters that carefully curate content on a variety of topics.

What makes newsletters great is that they’re delivered to your inbox and available whenever you’re ready to read. Twitter’s great for instant news but tweets fly by so quickly it’s easy to miss a lot of good content.

I’ve subscribed to a ton of new newsletters recently and apart from the desire to keep my unread count down, it’s been a great experience. I spend less time constantly checking a dozen sites each day looking for interesting reads and more time being productive.

While searching for interesting newsletters though it was hard to find newsletters that were 1) alive 2) good and 3) not one that’s been mentioned in every single article title “Best newsletters on X”.

This is the point of this post.

Introducing InboxReads

Yep, shameless plug. I built InboxReads as a simple way to make newsletter discovery better. It’s a directory of newsletters that have been categorised and tagged for your own benefit. You can submit your favorites or add your own and they will all be ranked by popularity.

So far from my own personal favorites and the recommendations of others, these are some of the best in my interests.

Is there any that I missed and neeeeed to check out? Submit it on