What Are Hard Floor Camper Trailers?

Camper trailers generally come with hard floors or soft ones. The former are constructed using a variety of materials, keeping in mind convenience and durability.

There are several factors according to which camper trailers can be categorised, and one of them is the type of flooring. The ones having soft floors are essentially tents with a cushy and thick base. On the other hand, the typical hard floor offroad camper trailer for sale in Australia features a base constructed out of tough plastics, metal or wood. Both these types are designed keeping in mind individual requirements of campers and distinct locations.

Hard floor offroad camper trailers are utilised in many regions of Australia, where they are also chiefly produced for recreational as well as industrial purposes. They are often used for transporting heavy machinery from one place to another by businesses that manufacture bulky machinery. The trailers offer extreme convenience, prevent damage during transit and also make it easy to load & unload equipment.

Camper trailers with hard flooring are built for tedious and long journeys. They are highly resistant to the unpredictable and harsh climate of Australia, and they can even be hitched easily behind a car or a motorbike. Their hard flooring imparts them extra stability and strength against the challenges offered by different camping environments.

At present, the Australian market offers camper trailers with many different types of hard floors. The manufacturers are experimenting continuously with various new base materials in order to provide campers with a better experience. Besides that, innovations are being made as well so as to make the hard floor trailers capable of bearing more weight without wasting too much fuel.

The primary materials used for producing the hard floors in camper trailers include aluminium, laminated wood, fibreglass-reinforced plastics, fibreglass-reinforced wood and others. The most commonly used synthetic material as a base for hard flooring is plastic enforced with fibreglass due to being strong as well as lightweight. Natural materials like hard oak and maple wood are popular too. First of all, they are strong and can last for as many as 20 years. Secondly, they are biodegradable and therefore, ideal choices for campers who are conscious about environment degradation.

When it comes to metals, aluminium is the more commonly preferred material for hard flooring compared to steel. The primary reason for this is the light weight of aluminium. Besides that, manufacture of even 1 tonne steel emits about 2.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is seriously detrimental to the environment. That’s why, hard floor camper trailers with aluminium base are more popular.