There is Dignity in Struggle
Eric Rugara

This is amazing. I love how simple it is to read. Your thoughts are also easy to follow and understand. Now, I agree with you but I would wish to offer a different view just to throw a spanner in the works. I have heard people compare life to a river. You have to catch the wave and the flow. You can choose to paddle upstream, which will be a struggle for you, or you can let the waves carry you downstream. You can spend the whole night angrily banging at your laptop, deleting, clucking away at a story that never grows any feet, or you can experience life, remain calm, do what you need to do and the story will whisper itself into your ear in the middle of activity. There are numerous cases of people whose genius struck at moments of activity not related to the act of genius itself. e.g. J.K. Rowling conceived the idea of Harry Potter while riding a delayed train. Not typing the night away at her Macbook Pro (if there was such a thing then) but riding a train. To cut this short, perhaps there is a different way to see this as not a struggle but to embrace the yearnings and the opportunities that life places in front of you. Work at your pace, keep working and never stop. Most of all, keep your eyes open and go with the flow. What would be your opinion of this?