Shop ALL The September Fashion Mags On Keep!

Because the pages of fashion magazines don’t have links. And when you see something you want in a magazine, if you frantically tap the page, people on the subway will look at you funny. Right now, you can shop fall fashion and beauty handpicked by your favorite magazines, and you can do it on yourphone. Keep has Kept (ha) all of the available items from these magazines for YOU to shop: Elle, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar,Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, and Marie Claire! And there are more coming, too. Just open your Keep Shopping app, and shop from our featured “September” channel.

Stop ripping pages out of fashion magazines and stuffing them into your work bag. You know you’ll find them, around November, sad and crumpled, and by then the item you wanted will be long gone. Right now they’re on Keep, they’re available, and they’re gorgeous. Go shopping!

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