Giveaway Bitcoin on Black Friday

Nov 25, 2019 · 1 min read

KeepChange will give away 0.01 Bitcoin during this black Friday. To take part, you need to share this campaign on your twitter account.

How to win?

  1. Follow us on twitter: @keepchange_io
  2. Tweet about “Buying Bitcoin”
  3. You have to put your KeepChange referral invitation link in your post.
  4. Use hashtag #KeepChangeBlackFriday

Terms and Conditions

  1. All users can join the competition.
  2. We will give away 0.001 BTC to each of 10 most liked post by different users.
  3. The reward will be sent to winner’s KeepChange wallet after the end of campaign (2019/12/03).
  4. KeepChange reserves the right to disqualify candidates that are believed to be cheating.

KeepChange Referral Invitation link

You can find your referral link from the menu or direct link here, but first you need to Login.
Remember you will earn Bitcoins from the users who:

  1. Arrive to the site through your affiliate link
  2. Register and
  3. Make trades

We are looking forward to read your tweets.

The time is up for our black Friday competition. Thanks to everyone participated, here are the winners:

  1. @JeremyXyla
  2. @nyeffz
  3. @SuperOGamer1
  4. @EndtimeProphet2
  5. @ejioforkel
  6. @Ben_idiata
  7. @tracy_crypto
  8. @udhien81
  9. @YousefM68900917
  10. @kriptomanya


Written by is a Bitcoin Exchange market, focused on individuals buying and selling Bitcoin directly from each other in a private and secure manner.

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