Mallory Grossman in her cheerleading unifrom.

12-Year-Old Girl from New Jersey Takes Her Life Due to Cyberbullying

A bubbly 12-year-old girl from New Jersey was bullied relentlessly for months before she decided that it wasn’t worth living anymore. Mallory Grossman was a cheerleader and gymnast, and was known for being kind and sociable. She went to Copeland Middle School in Roseland, New Jersey. She’s your typical middle school girl just trying to fit in and make friends. Girls at her school decided to bully her on campus and over social media and through text messages. These girls sent messages calling her a “loser” and saying things like, “Why don’t you kill yourself?” The Copeland Middle School administration knew that these nasty messages were being sent to Mallory and they didn’t take any kind of action.

The in-person bullying consisted of dirty looks and exclusion from her friend groups. Unfortunately for Mallory the bullying didn’t stop when she got home. SnapChat, Instagram, and text messages were used to bully Mallory. The last two posts made about her on Instagram were taken on school grounds, yet the school didn’t do anything about it. Dianne, Mallory’s mother, continuously went into the school, starting in October, to talk to the administration about the bullying but they swept the incidents under the rug. Dianne’s efforts in contacting the school district were dismissed. The district refused to file a harassment report concerning the bullying when Dianne came to them pleading for their help.

The night before Mallory took her life Dianne went to the mother of one of the girls that was bullying her daughter and confronted her about the situation. The other mother downplayed her daughter’s actions towards Mallory and laughed at her concern.

Action was taken by Mallory’s family, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to help their daughter. Our app Keepers specifically detects these types of messages that were sent to Mallory. After the first five abusive messages were sent to Mallory her parents would have been notified. Even the messages sent through social media would have been identified. If her parents were aware of the bullying as soon as it started they would have been able to take action sooner and have saved their daughter’s life. Every parent should download Keepers on their and their kids’ phones. Stories like Mallory’s shouldn’t be happening when we have this advanced type of technology. Keepers keeps parents aware of what is going on in their kids’ lives and can ultimately save them if they are in danger.

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