“Don’t lose track of who you are just because it might be easier to be somebody else” — Will Schuester

Glee is a popular TV show that was produced in 2009, and ended in 2015. This show takes place in Lima Ohio, in a High School, where bullying is prominent. This show focuses on high school stereotypes,racism, bullying, suicide, gay and lesbian relationships,teen pregnancy, transgender, drug abuse, and every issue you could possibly think of that would happen in a high school. Glee was praised by many for the way it covered these sensitive topics, and being relatable to today’s youth. This shows main focus is the school’s glee club. This club, in the beginning, is filled with an “annoying” Jewish girl, a closeted gay, a black woman, an asian,a cripple, a jock, and a teachers whose dreams seem too big. All these characters face their own problems on a day to day basis. Throughout the show we follow each of the main characters stories (many main characters are added in throughout the show), and watch them overcome everything they have ever been afraid of, and achieve their goals. This show proves that bullying can be defeated, and cannot stop people from being who they wish to be.

One of the biggest storylines of this show was the one that followed Kurt Hummel, a closeted (but obviously) gay teenager, just trying to make it through high school. Kurt was the most targeted person in this entire series, facing all sorts of bullying, from being tossed into dumpsters, and thrown into lockers. The first season of the show really focuses on Kurt coming out of the closet, and how his friends, family, and classmates, reacted to it. Once Kurt came out of the closet his life became a living hell. He was tortured in high school by most people, and had an extremely difficult time trying to have a relationship with his only parent, his dad. At one point, the bullying became so prominent he had to switch schools, because it seemed like the only way out. Throughout the show we watch Kurt grow into the person he was meant to be, and overcomes all the bullying and horror that his life was once filled with, and eventually lives the life he always desired.

Glee does a phenomenal job of showing real life scenarios, and how they should be handled. This show gives great advice to not only teenagers, but also parents and educators about what is going on in schools, and how to talk to your kids and/or students about them. Glee offers the kids perspective, and the parents perspective, making the show extremely successful and influential. This show is very important for children and parents to watch, as it could help them handle situations in the future, and could also help children realize that what they are doing could be hurting someone else.Kids nowadays are bullied for anything and everything, and this show has examples of every scenario you could ever imagine, and how to correctly handle it.

We here at Keepers promote healthy parent and child relationships, and good self esteem. This show is a great example of how to accomplish all of these things, and truly teaches its viewers that being you is the best thing you can be.

“A unicorn is somebody who knows they are magical, and is not afraid to show it” — Brittany S. Pierce

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