Keep Calm and Use Keepers

As a parent, giving your child their first phone can be a huge deal. For starters, as the parent you are probably feeling one of two ways. 1). Old, because your child is old enough for a phone, and 2). Terrified, because of the horror stories and/or dangers of social media. But, keep calm, because we at Keepers have the solution for you and your worries. Keepers soul mission is to keep your child safe on social media, and that is exactly what we do.

1 in 3 young people have experienced cyber threats online, and only 1 in 10 teens tell their parents about these threats. These statistics are scary, which leads to the constant worrying that parents have for their child. But, Keepers is an application that would lift a huge weight off of parents shoulders, and would almost eliminate the constant worrying.

Keepers tracks suspicious and abusive content on the child’s phone across SMS text messaging and multiple social media platforms (Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) . If your child were to receive a message that did contain abusive or suspicious content, the parent is alerted in minutes, on their own device, about the situation and what was said exactly. Keepers is concealed from the child, meaning they do not have the ability to delete the application from their phone. Keepers is the only application of its kind, meaning that it is the only application in the world that can detect abusive content across all social media platforms, and not just SMS text messaging. Keepers also only shows the parent suspicious content, so we still protect the child’s privacy.

Keepers has multiple different features. Not only does it detect abusive and suspicious content with its advanced system, but it also has a GPS tracker, battery monitoring, and usage time. Our GPS tracker gives you your child’s exact location at any given time. The battery monitoring feature means that you will get an alert on your phone when your child’s phone has hit 10% battery. And the usage time feature, which tracks phone usage time on the child’s phone. This feature allows the parents to see how much his or her child uses their phone per day.

This application would help parents cope with the action of giving their young child a smartphone and exposing them to social media. Our application is perfect for a kids first phone, and would not only keep your child more safe, but would also keep you (the parent) more sane and also more informed on your child’s life. Why worry when you don’t have too?