Protecting — NOT Invading

Privacy(n)- “the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people”.

Privacy is something that people of all ages appreciate, and something that everyone has a right to have. Privacy can be a colossal issue in households, especially between parents and children. Parents want to know almost everything and anything their child is doing at all times. Who they are with, what they are doing, where they are, etc. This crave of parents wanting to know everything about their children has created this market for companies to create applications that allow parents to know every little detail about their child(s). These applications will include features like GPS, being able to view SMS messages their child receives and sends, seeing calling logs, and basically being able to see exactly what the child sees on their phone. But, when is it too much? Would you want someone to be able to see every little thing you’re doing all day everyday? Most likely not, which is why Keepers Child Safety is the best alternative to still monitor your child, without completely riding their private life.

Keepers is the ONLY application of its kind. Yes, it has the GPS feature, and can block certain applications and put time limits on things, but it is the only application that does not reveal all of a child’s SMS messages to the parent. The Keepers system is so advanced that it has the capability to detect good and bad messages on multiple different social media applications, and not just SMS. For example- if your child received a text through whats app that said- “ I just met a girl named molly today”, the system would recognize that as a good message, and the parent would not be able to see it, therefore protecting the child’s privacy. But, if the message read — “I’m doing molly”, the system would recognize that as a harmful message, and that exact message would be sent to the parent’s device. This function right here is what sets Keepers aside from all the other applications in the same market. Keepers has the ability to protect your child and keep you informed, while simultaneously giving your child a right to his or her privacy. Another great advantage of this feature is that if a child is too scared to tell his or her parent that they are being bullying or peer pressured, the parent would know right away, being able to rid the problem.

Keepers allows children to have privacy, but alerting the parents when necessary. Think about this. Would you want someone to be able to read every single message you ever sent? Most likely not. Privacy is important and should not be override. Keepers application offers their users, as my favorite (non-existent) artist Hannah Montana would say, the best of both worlds.

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