Snapchats New Update Creates Question Of Safety

In Snapchat’s most recent update, their is a new feature called “snap maps”. This feature allows users to track their snap friends locations and share their current locations. The snapchat user can select whether they want their location to be visible to their friends or not, and if they select yes, than their avatar will come up on a map that all their snap friends can now see, being so exact that you can see the exact location of where the user is at the exact time. You also have the ability to pick and choose which friends can see your location, and which ones cannot.

“We’ve built a whole new way to explore the world! See what’s happening, find your friends, and get inspired to go on an adventure!” — Snapchat

This new Snapchat feature is raising many concerns. Childnet International said — “Given how specific this new feature is on Snapchat- giving your location to a precise pinpoint on a map- we would encourage users not to share their location, especially with people they don’t know in person.

This new feature is not sitting well with parents due to the fact that people can start to see your patterns. When you leave in the morning, when and where you go to school, what you do after school, etc. This new feature can be extremely dangerous, especially if you share your location with the wrong people. Larry Magid, the CEO of, stated -” Parents need to sit down with their kids and get them to really consider which friends they are sharing with.”

Here at Keepers, one of our most important features is a GPS tracker for our child’s device. When using Keepers, you can locate your child’s device in real time, and also put fences around certain areas so you are alarmed when your child goes somewhere they should not be going. These are both key features for our application, and they are extremely important for a child’s safety. But, you are the ONLY person who can locate your child, which is what makes our GPS feature safe.

It is so easy to add someone on Snapchat. All you do is send a request, and you could be friends with someone in seconds, without even knowing the person. This is what makes “Snap maps” so dangerous. There could be people who you do not even know being able to see where you are. Predators could also be making fake accounts and adding children just to be able to track them. There are many issues with Snapchat’s new feature, and is a huge safety hazard for young children.