Bernie Sanders is Tonya Harding. I Can’t Vote for Tonya Harding.
Mitch Lerner

Well believe what you want. But the analogy does not match up. Nancy was not wounded on her own — HRC is. She is a flawed candidate that has been mired in controversy for 30 years. Bernie is not repsonsible for her unfavorable being terrible. She is. She is corrupt. She takes money from corporations and does nothing to help the voters. She is also a war monger and her “experience” proves it. Her becoming president greatly increases a war with Iran and quite possibly other countrys. Again — vote for who ever you want — but her stained image is her own fault. If you think Bernie has done damage — wake up and see the damage the GOP and Trump will inflict — not to mention that FBI criminal investigation. She is a flawed candidate — mostly unelectable — and when she loses to Trump it will be only her fault and the Democratic establishment that forced her down the throats of voters.

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