The Great Indian Self-Righteousness, Sponsored By An Unending Guilt Trip

When was the last time that you were happy?

Chuck this, this question is bleh.

I will ask something realistic and plausible so that I can have a definite answer. When was the last time you felt guilty? A moment culpable of or responsible for a specified wrongdoing. Can you recall the last time you went through this juxtaposition? Mine was this morning.

Off late I have realised that for a nation with this broad diversity, the common factor that unites THIS WHOLE FUCKING COUNTRY is the unwanted guilt trips. We Indians have worked too hard to develop a societal construct that runs on self-righteousness as a survival tool and extracting guilt as a pleasure mechanism. The process starts at such a tender age that it takes years to fathom and undo the well-executed damage.

It all starts with a long “never to do” lists and no flying fuck is ever given to know the why and the how of it. This sanctimony initially seems harmless but runs deep down your growth cycle and slows it down, without you being aware of it. When you look around, you realise that of all the things these generations could have passed down, they chose guilt. It not only made them feel superior but somehow also assisted them to let go of their conscious conscience conflicts.

The hollow morality and the valueless values are ingrained to the point that none of us bothered to stay put and question. We are a generation that feels guilty when we desire. We feel guilty when we hope. Every time we want to put ourselves before the rest of the people, the devil subtly knocks. We feel guilty of feeling and not feeling. We feel guilty of expecting and letting go. We feel guilty of homosapien-ism. Such is the case that we have started feeling a normalcy in conflicted emotions.

We feel guilty of human behaviour that is uncontrollable. This unreasonable guilt has been injected and nurtured via a sense of superiority of moral values that had no regard whatsoever for the human psyche. Ergo, it was there when you first sensed desire. It was there when you first sensed needs. It was there when you first sensed temptation. It knocked your head when you experienced the first rush of hormones in middle of your thighs.

It was there when you wanted to please yourself. It was there when you wanted someone else to please you. It was there when you wanted to please someone. It was there when you wanted to dream big at the cost of quitting some trivial relationships. It beat the shit out of you when you did not achieve someone else’s dream.

Whether you were supposed to feel dejected, disappointed, sad, happy, elated, overwhelmed, or nothing, all of it was topped with a major sense of guilt first, always.

Some unlearn this soon, some later, and some never. You are not explained anything; rather you are subjected to this constant appalling feeling within that teaches you to disgrace yourself, more than you should, for things that you should not.