The Mirror

When he was a baby, he slowly crawled towards the giant mirror. He cautiously touched the reflection’s hand and a smile broke out on his face. He was mesmerized by his newfound friend, but that was when he was little and naive.

When he was 10 he spent his time looking at himself in the mirror, with a scowl. Trying to understand why he had so many scars and defects in himself. He looked at the mirror and was unhappy.

When he 18 he spent a mere few seconds looking at himself in the mirror, simply to do his hair. He hated the mirror because it showed himself, a person he wasn’t accepting of. He wasn’t happy with who he was or how he looked. All he could hear were the negative words his mind reminded him of.

When was 20 he stopped looking at the mirror. It brought him too much pain to see himself.

He no longer saw a friend in the mirror like he did when he was a baby. The world had distorted his image and made the mirror an enemy rather than a friend. He became his biggest critic and with that his self confidence slowly started to disappear. However what the man didn’t realize was the enemy lived inside him and not in the reflection of the mirror.